Certificate of Analysis

All our products are tested by a representative of the State for THC content, as well as third-party labs. We pride ourselves on our test results and the product’s quality going to and from the hemp extractors.

While many companies get by selling a lesser product that is often watered down or mislabeled, we intend to bring a uniquely handcrafted product to our customers.

Farms and growers like these undergo many aspects of regulation. Not only management from the state and local communities but also through testing.

Within 30 days of harvest, each grow-site in Minnesota is inspected and sampled by the Minnesota Department of Agriculture (MDA). The inspector randomly selects thirty plants per field, cuts the top 2 inches of the female flower, and places all 30 cuttings into a paper bag for a single, homogenized sample. THC in these plants has to be low enough to have little interaction in the body. If your THC levels are higher than regulation, one may have to destroy the entire crop.

Regulatory issues aside, the process of growing this plant is labor-intensive. Riley spent days on his hands and knees, planting the specially selected seeds by hand. Harvest is a continuously uphill battle as well. Plants have to be processed and dried and finally sent to an extractor in Fargo, Prairie Products ND, to be processed into CBD oil.

Certification and testing come at a high price but lend significantly to the overall quality of the product.

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