Using CBD for the First Time

CBD (Cannabidiol) is one of many chemical compounds produced by cannabis. CBD oil refers to an extract of cannabis or hemp that is formulated to contain high CBD levels and may include various amounts of other plant compounds. Products that contain only CBD have a non-psychoactive effect, unlike THC products, meaning you don’t provide the […]

Hemp grown in Minnesota

How To Use CBD

CBD popularity can be on the rise, and it’s in part due to the nature of CBD and the range of consumption methods available. Edibles and tinctures can have less of the stigma traditionally associated with joints.  When our products are taken orally, bioavailability can become compromised.  This doesn’t signify a lesser product; in fact, […]

The Uncle Funky's Dosage Guide

Uncle Funky’s Dosage Guide

CBD works differently for everyone; here’s our recommendation: use the full dropper once in the morning and increase dosage if needed. Make sure to keep track of your dosage and see how you feel over time. You’ve bought a tincture from another company or us; you’re in observation mode. This means being careful to read […]

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