A Family Farm in Perham, Minnesota

In 2019, Uncle Funky’s Farm began producing high quality CBD flower for consumers looking for a fresh alternative. This is a family owned farm providing hemp to local businesses and individuals. Recently Uncle Funky’s Farm was certified by Minnesota Grown. The Minnesota Grown Program is a statewide partnership between the Minnesota Department of Agriculture and Minnesota producers of specialty crops and livestock. It was created nearly 30 years ago by specialty crop growers to differentiate their products from those grown thousands of miles away. Riley and his family have hopes that they will reach those who require the products they create. Whether you’ve used CBD or not, Uncle Funky’s Farm has you covered with a variety of products you can find on their website at unclefunkysfarm.com. ▪

If you’re searching for a fresh alternative to mass-produced CBD and need something home-grown with care, then check out Uncle Funky’s Farm.

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